Agreements and/or International Conventions

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  Cooperation and Mutual Assistance Agreements


Double Taxation Treaties
Signatory country Law N°
22025/1979 - Go
25332/2000 - Go
AUSTRALIA 25238/1999 - Go
AUSTRIA 22589/1982 - Go
Not in force as of January 1st, 2009 due to denunciation of the Convention made by the Argentine Republic- AFIP External Note N° 6/2008
BELGIUM 24850/1997 - Go
BOLIVIA 21780/1978 – Go
BRAZIL 22675/1982 - Go
CANADA 24398/1994 - Go
23228/1985 - Go
26232/2007 - Go
DENMARK 24838/1997 - Go
SPAIN 24258/1993 - Go
FINLAND 24654/1996 - Go
22357/1980 - Go
26276/07 -    Go
22747/1983 - Go
25396/2000 - Go
THE NETHERLANDS 24933/1997 - Go
NORWAY 25461/2001 - Go
UNITED KINGDOM 24727/1996 - Go
RUSSIA 26185-2006 - Go
Not in force. Even when this Convention was approved by a law passed by the Argentine Congress, the exchange of notes provided for by section 28 which is necessary for its entry into force is still pending.
SWEDEN 24795/1997 - Go
SWITZERLAND Provisionally in force as of January 1st, 2001, in accordance with the additional protocol to the Convention. Amendment Protocol. Go
Diplomatic notes. Go

Deeds of Commitment

Other International Instruments

Best Practices Exchange Agreement between the Customs General Directorate of the Republic of Angola and the Federal Administration of Public Revenues
Technical Assistance Agreement in Customs Matters AFIP-Paraguay
Technical Assistance Agreement in Customs Matters AFIP-Uruguay
Technical Cooperation Agreement AFIP-France
Cooperation agreement AFIP- AEAT (Spanish Tax Agency)-2001
Final Act of the XVI Meeting of the Joint Economic-Commercial Commission between Argentina and China - 2006
European Community- Common Southern Market (MERCOSUR)
Technical Assistance Convention AFIP-CIAT
Cooperation Convention with the Honduran DEI - Tax Education
Framework of Cooperation and Technical Assistance Agreement in Training and Investigation matters between CIAT and AFIP
Megaport Initiative
Memorandum of understanding AFIP- University of Canberra
Cooperation Protocol AFIP-IEF
OECD- Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials
Memorandum of understanding between AFIP and the Customs Federal Service (the Russian Federation)
Commercial Framework Agreement between the Common Southern Market (MERCOSUR) and the State of Israel
Free Trade Agreement between the State of Israel and the Common Southern Market (MERCOSUR)